Vegetable rice: a promising concept

Challenge. Bonduelle spotted a potentially lucrative opportunity
in frozen vegetable rice, but how could they market such a product
most effectively?

Approach. We deployed a BL*Bootcamp: a combination of
pressure-cooker work sessions and consumer research. This allowed
us to develop the positioning for Bonduelle vegetable rice in a very
short time.


Within Bonduelle, the idea arose for frozen vegetable rice. How do you best market such a product? Together with Bonduelle, we came up with the most promising concept.


Bonduelle Benelux wanted to use the stems of cauliflower and broccoli to make vegetable rice. The product was already on the market in the refrigerated section, but was not yet available in frozen form.

Bonduelle’s Lianne Hanenberg: “We knew we had a promising opportunity on our hands, but how to position the new product? As a vegetable feast on your plate, a substitute for rice and pasta or something else?”


In a short time, we developed concepts that we evaluated with consumers. Based on those learnings, we made choices and sharpened the concepts again. We did this in two steps:

  • 5W work session. In a 5W work session, together with Bonduelle, we developed four promising concepts presented with descriptions and visuals.
  • BL*Bootcamp. A combination of group discussions and interim work sessions in which decisions were made and concepts were refined to arrive at a winning, insights-based concept.


What insights did the research yield?

The most important discovery was that many consumers wanted fewer carbohydrates and more vegetables on a daily basis. This made the frozen vegetable rice a hit.

Lianne: “Without this research, we could not have seen this so clearly. With the key communication message: ‘More vegetables & fewer carbohydrates’, we entered the market with the broccoli and cauliflower rice. We have since added a courgette and carrot variant.

The product is drawing a new target group towards the frozen section. Our vegetable rice was voted Product of the Year and we also scooped the FoodAward, which we are very proud of!”

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