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Develop a new channel-transcending vision for dairy.

Our approach

The Fluid Society story was very well received by her colleagues from sales.  They invited Angelique to join them when visiting customers to present the new vision.

We are happy to share inspiring research projects that we have done with clients. This time we share the story of Angelique de Reuver of FrieslandCampina, manager consumer and market insights, about the emergence of a new dairy vision. 

The challenge

For some time, Angelique had the idea of ​​broadening the scope of research in the dairy category. The presentation of its CEO about 24/7 society two years ago was the trigger to really get started with it. To set up a research program that could answer the question of how to deal with the changing living and eating patterns of consumers.

The approach

Angelique already had done a lot of research in recent years. On the use of dairy at different times, packaging research, communication research, etc. But now it was time for fundamental research to gain in-depth insight into the current lifestyle and eating habits of consumers. She enlisted us to help her in this phase. The research yielded relevant transitions in eating patterns. Such as the transition from solid to liquid. Many fixed patterns, whether it concerns food or work, have become liquid, we live in a “fluid society”.

The transitions were then translated into category essentials, using opportunity platforms, From breakfast to morning food, for example, is one of those essentials. But the work with Beautiful Lives wasn’t the only research Angelique used to develop the new vision. She hired a storyteller to work out storylines. This built a strong foundation for the new channel-transcending dairy vision in the 24/7 world.

The impact

Angelique kept the research program secret for a while. The results were forged into a catchy story and then in one “big boom” presented to the organization. The Fluid Society story was very well received. The sales team was so positive that Angelique was asked to join when they visited customers, to present the new vision. So that they too gained insight into the changing eating patterns and eating times of consumers.

Over the past two years, the Fluid Society study has gained even more momentum. Existing studies were linked to the newly developed conceptual framework. In doing so Angelique and her team built on an ever-growing and broader foundation.

Now she is looking to the future because there are also blind spots in knowledge. Such as in the field of diversity. We are very happy that for her new study – 17 million people – she has contacted us again to co-operate.

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