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to become Europe’s number 1 passenger preferred airport


a consumer centric approach to passenger experience for all types of air travelers

Schiphol Airport has the ambition to become Europe’s preferred airport for passengers. Like no other, Schiphol understands (you mean their Communications team or At Schiphol, they understand…) that to create a competitive edge relative to other European airports, it needs to offer both a very strong operation and an excellent passenger experience.

We took an ethnographic angle to fully understand the goings on and spent almost two weeks at Schiphol’s terminal. Observing and interviewing departing, arriving and transferring passengers. We waited in line with them, walked with them, called them afterwards and played creative games – to kill waiting time and to gain a thorough understanding of passengers’ experiences and needs.

The most important insights and passenger journeys were reported on an inspiring poster that still ornaments many Schiphol offices. The customer journey maps that Beautiful Lives developed have been an important tool in the development of the Schiphol passenger experience strategy. The maps will also remain an important touchstone for the development and optimization of passenger services.

Jenneke Smit-Banting, Customer Insights Consultant at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: “Now the passenger journey has been visualized through photos, we can fully grasp our passengers’ experiences. Which in turn provides us a clear vision on new opportunities.”

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