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Lamb Weston Meijer


Mapping the most important opportunity areas for the next five years.

The result

Five growth opportunity platforms & the Potato 2020 innovation agenda

How we got there
Lamb Weston/Meijer (LWM) is one of the world’s biggest potato producers, with customers in the EMEA region (retail and food service). For the next five years, the company foresees multiple growing opportunities. Together with a multidisciplinary LWM team, BL mapped the biggest ones.

From rapid prototyping to concrete propositions
Before anything else, LWM needed internal consensus on their core opportunity areas. We used a combination of extensive desk and web research, and internal and external expert interviews to build a longlist of these areas. Then, a number of LWM teams was asked to provide feedback on this list via an online platform. The outcome formed the starting point of defining the five biggest growth opportunities. Through two day workshop sessions, applying design thinking, these opportunities were taken further by LWM stakeholders and external experts.  The best ideas were translated into concrete propositions through rapid prototyping and then optimized with input from consumers and food professionals.

NPD roadmap 2020.
During a so called Harvest session, LWM and Beautiful Lives developed the NPD roadmap: The Potato 2020. The five growth opportunity platforms were brought to life internally: we developed posters, a video and a booklet . From now on the 5 platforms form the starting point for future innovation.

The opportunity areas were presented to key retailers and business partners, at the ‘Potatovation’ event in March 2017.

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