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to provide Dutch bicycle retailers with tangible insights and tools to remain successful in a market under pressure


smart website algorithms, sales training and sales/service models, based on different buyer strategies

Dutch bicycle retailers are under pressure. Online stores, direct selling brands and the invasion of cheap, imported bikes that are offered through non-traditional outlets make it harder and harder for (small) bike retailers to remain successful.

Mobility branch organization BOVAG asked Beautiful Lives to generate an in depth understanding of the customer journey when purchasing a bike. So we talked with recent buyers, in the comfort of their own home. Together we drew and explained the whole purchase journey on a big piece of paper. Not only did we map the touchpoints of the purchase itself, but also of the consideration and orientation phases before that. And it didn’t stop with touchpoints. We also mapped needs and emotions, resulting in five buyer strategies.

Through quantification we learned that two strategies were valid for around 80% of the market. This provided BOVAG with the insights and focus that were needed to develop algorithms for retailer websites and sharpen the sales training for their members. Retailers now know exactly how to identify a buyer type and how to provide them with the type of service they need.

Niels Hansen, Business Developer at BOVAG Fietsbedrijven: “As a trade association, our members are our top priority, but insights in their customers is just as crucial to us. Beautiful Lives taught us about multiple creative research techniques, such as writing a love letter to your cycle repairer.. They are a great sparring partner – on strategy, future and innovations – of course always with the consumer as starting point.”

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