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Severe asthma patient Journey


Optimising life for patients with severe asthma


A widely embraced Patient Journey, empowering patient driven solutions

AstraZeneca was looking for a profound understanding of the (medical) journey of patients suffering from severe asthma and the impact of this disease on their daily life.

We used an ethnographic angle to really understand what living with severe asthma is about. Patients took part in an extensive photo assignment to show us who they are and to picture the impact of their disease in a daily context. The output of the photo assignment provided us with sharp insights. Next to that, it  offered the patients a natural and empathic basis for the two hour in-home conversations.

This all led to an impactful visualised patient journey, showing the barriers and friction that patients have to deal with both in their medical journey as well as in their daily life. The journey is embraced and widely shared by AstraZeneca /pharmaceuticals, hospitals and the two main patient associations (Longfonds and Vereniging Nederland Davos). It is now used to empower patients, optimise care and develop solutions.

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